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The Ginmau Garden Hotel (Jinmaoyuan Dajiudian) is located in central Pingshan New District a short walk from Yanziling Park.

This 5-star Shenzhen hotel offers free parking and Wi-Fi access throughout the property.

On-site dining options include Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines.

Business travelers will find meeting facilities and a business center at their disposal.

Guests with leisure time can take advantage of the fitness center, unwind at the on-site spa or enjoy a dip in the indoor pool.[View Detail]
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  • liusu3
    Eating is not too easy, others are better
  • aiolialation
    Friends are not very satisfied with mosquitoes did not sleep well.
    More remote, but back it is very convenient to visit the countryside. overall winning ratio. 4 stars standard. room décor is rustic, it's good!
  • Clairl
    Place is very partial, but the environment of the hotel is very good, and the library in the 500 meters.
  • gracy_xy
    Housing conditions in hotels, the hotel rooms were slightly stale! hang five star, Samsung, and prices to match with the environment
  • aaexjj
  • lingowawa
    11 holiday booked two rooms, a relatively new hotel, the room also has a lot of flavor, but the corridor wall has mildew ... Air conditioning Super no one outside than inside in the evening cool, calls to the front desk, two have no one to look at, old man sleeping with children that, two people to move the Chair to the balcony door in the middle piece bed ... I went to! ...
  • cft52455399
    The rooms smell of sewer is heavy, and others is good. the parks later has never been, for a chance to go for a walk. overall is good, recommended.
  • xiariyu
    This is the best hotel in Ping Shan district Shenzhen, close to 5 star standards, besides a slightly rustic outside, the rest are good.
  • lindamail
    Nice, drink can get. out is not easy.
  • dsw595
    Very good okokokokokokokokok
  • xiaofeiyijiu
    Hotel not bad! is nothing interesting places nearby, to be regretted.
  • jialiren
    Hotels in great locations around
  • bj7015
    Very satisfied, 5 minutes, a home from home
  • boydboyd
    It is not wrong, very dry auto Washlet
  • bulepig
    Location very close to and very quiet, is a relatively good hotel near the ... only downside is, the decoration of the hotel, five-star conditions are not met.
  • e01086843
    Cheap, good value for money
  • e00635163
    Very nice room, space is big enough, service was good
  • apple1976BB
    Breakfast was good.
  • linda.ding
    It's not bad
  • fogbound
    Hotel is very large, few people in the surrounding environment OK
  • addiosn
    Rooms at most four star level, the TV is a bit pathetic. but more than 300 price was able to accept it!
  • Eric009
    Large rooms, facilities were good, of course, this is not a list of five star, estimates should also try harder to really tone stars. service is very good, end active call battery on the roof to pick food with their children to return to the Hall, so excited.
  • e03552849
    Too disappointed has, staying of 9th, floor, go in corridor has first see of is wall Shang of mold stains, next open door see inside also has guest of luggage, room also didn't check out clean health, luggage health and help and front desk contact Hou replaced room, room area is big, also has a is big of balcony, but no anti-mosquito screens, room within explicit of is open, also has is to behind of floor are to after a steps, drag luggage is not convenient, breakfast varieties not more, no see fruit, onlyA consolation is the waiter's attitude and check in fruit. in another room also has a great smell, feel and star a little gap.
  • songyuan01
    First, service was very good, but some facilities still under construction, location.
  • bebeers
    Visiting foreign customers to order the 3rd, each specified should be very pleased with this, and took them to lunch is well received, so it's all foreign customers are satisfied!
  • jengibre
    Lovely, the rooms are very new
  • laoliu3100
    Don't know what to think at the front desk the room maintenance is poor room card 3 times waited for 40 minutes to do well
  • m04731377
    Business trip every time you come here, be familiar with ... good choice.
  • Roy8888
    Hotel Nice
  • cxc767
    Locations partial, but around are is tree, for to oxygen's of people, but hotel on died set. too far, and giant hard to find car. find doorman find car, was said company has cooperation of vehicles, but asked had price than door of black of also your almost twice times, too slaughter people has! has suspected. management layer to tube tube, or reputation out....... Nice dinner, super rich.
  • mrdoctor
    Point, not without you
  • anson1121
    Good detail is a bit
    That's good
  • clumsylee
    Large rooms, facilities were good, of course, this is not a list of five star, estimates should also try harder to really tone of Wu Xing.
  • e04492295
    In general good. buffet has a point.
  • gjs622520
    Good location, very quiet away from the road. live in new rooms with balconies, the room is relatively new, estimated that building before people less. health good. the breakfast rich.
  • jiyuan1113
    Hotel is good, away from the factory, service can, travel living
  • dlllx
    A small
  • moslee
    Hotel is quite new, and health services are good, but not very convenient, you want to take a taxi to the last drop, and ping drivers (including private cars live) was killed. the breakfast is too simple
  • David_1
    Hotel hardware good service. but remote location. the lack of entertainment facilities. Although the pool but does not open, waiters rushed directly in their sleep, and talking loudly.
    Read other people's comments, it was agreed that good, I still have objections merits; waiter handwritten greetings, chocolates and fruits, green environment within the hotel, is the atmosphere needs to be improved; the end of December without air conditioning, cold death. anti-theft chains long enough and won't buckle, decorating details in place. Hotel layout was flattened, leads to dinner or something to go a long way. for foreign business people say, is very quiet surrounding, not popularity. WaiterMany new businesses are not familiar with. There was a tour group, one in three people in a room, but breakfast said there are only two, not letting people in. This is weak, such questions should be responsible for the engagement of sales, sales and tour guides to talk, not stop guests. Live for the first time, to tell you the truth not satisfied.
  • blueromance
    Wallpaper the room on the second floor a lot already moldy. best hotel.
  • Doraemeng
    Mmm MMM
  • mifeitu2010
    I don't know how the boss thinks, imaging Palace Hotel, services and restaurants really is not that bad ... ... Just don't want to live anymore.
  • lenovo9131
    Environmental health is very good, is no supermarket around and it is not convenient
  • lilin1112
    Hotels great ... a bit far. cheap. also sent two breakfast. welcome fruit so unpalatable. hand-written very warm. end emphasizes thanked Ling Jie sister's morning call. you are such a sweet man.? Yao Yao da.
  • absolute_mu
    Good facilities and service in place
  • Camille1982
  • linda209826
    Hotel covers an area of large, friendly staff, good person to take us into the room.